IT MUST BE LOVE – Creative Team Update from OUR HOUSE

We, the creative team, have had such a great reception from everyone about this show so far. Since this process began there have been numerous production meetings, the launch night and our first workshop; We are just getting ready for our second. The team are really loving the buzz from this show already! Here are just three reasons why:

1 – New members have joined us because they’ve done OUR HOUSE before and loved it so much they want to do it again!

2 – People who came to the launch night to support someone else, had so much fun they signed up themselves!

3 – The singing under the direction of our MD Joe is sounding awesome!

Don’t miss out on your chance to be part of this show. Auditions are on the 12th of December for more information email

Audition Form Here:

Audition Pieces Here:…/AACx7IXEMPVR1csexrfpF2ufa…

Rob Spurway

Artistic Director

Wellington Operatic Society


Christa Gambier September 10, 2022

Hello, good morning.
My name is Christa Gambier, I am a Lecturer at BTC/Crockers Centre. One of my students lives in Wellington and is hoping to become a singer/performer.
Would it be possible for her to gain some work experience within your fantastic theatre?
Backstage, make up, tickets, costumes, the works.
In addition, I have advised her to look into joining a choir, pantomime etcetera to gain some valuable experience and self confidence.
I am looking forward to hearing from you,
Christa Gambier

Andrew Samuel September 12, 2022


I have passed on your message our social media team and someone will be in touch about this.

Thank you,

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