The Arts Centre

Perfect Event and Function Venue

The Arts Centre is the perfect venue for most events. With a large extension built in 2006, a brand new kitchen installed in 2008 and a £125k refurbishment in 2020, we can accommodate most functions – from plays to parties and from meetings to lessons.

The Main Hall is an excellent venue for theatre productions, cabaret, live music, dances, parties and rehearsals. The hall has a removable stage area at one end with doors either side and a large mezzanine technical gallery at the other end with mirrors across the width of the room to assist with dance classes and rehearsals. Box truss runs the full length of the room on both sides to provide ample lighting positions, as well as ladder truss spanning the width of the room in several places. The building has a car park to the front and level access into the building and through to the Critics Club bar.

The Main hall has a capacity of 120 standing and between 60 to 100 seated, depending on the stage layout. The hall is fully air conditioned to allow the temperature to be controlled in both summer and winter. There are many 13A sockets surrounding the room, along with 63A single phase and three phase sockets in the technical gallery and an isolated circuit at both ends of the room for sound equipment.

The Meeting Room can be set up for a variety of different uses. These include committee meetings, presentations, lectures, and even small rehearsals. It has immediate access to the main stage in the hall, making it an ideal dressing room. In addition, a removable partition wall allows it to be opened up into the Critics Club bar during functions, to accommodate larger numbers.

Beyond the Critics Club bar is an outdoor swimming pool which we lease to a private swimming club called The Blue Horizon.

The building has a Zero88 lighting desk and a variety of generic and intelligent fixtures, along with several dimmers. There is a Soundcraft sound desk with a variety of microphones, DI boxes and speakers to cover most eventualities, including a 12 way radio mic rack. We have a digital projector with a cradle, along with a motorised screen. For a more detailed list of our equipment, please contact us and ask.