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Rob Spurway Wellington Pantomime Group May 25, 2022 6 Comments

The Pantomime Group have released the audition information for Once Upon A Time in Pantoland.

(Indicated genders are guidelines for casting. Many roles could be played by actors of any gender. Oh yes they could!) 

Spirit of Pantomime (F) Ultimate good-fairy full to the brim of pantomime cheer 

Tommy Tickle (M) Comic, 

Tiffany Tickle’s Son 

Talullah Tickle (M) Dame, kind & caring owner of the local joke shop 

Tilly Tickle (F) Fiery young woman with passion, integrity and determination 

King Charming (M) A miserable King who hates happiness & joy 

Prince Willy (M/F) A young prince desperate to break free from his father 

PC Pete Potter (M) A cheerful police inspector keen to serve the community 

Baxter (M/F) Policeman’s faithful dog companion 

Mouldywart (F/M) The wicked witch that plights the kingdom 

Snitch (M/F) Mouldywart’s sneaky cat 

Fairy Grandmother (F) An elderly, retired fairy based on Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother 

Debbie (F) Organised and officious, PA to the Fairy Grandmother 

Flaky Pastry (F) Friend of Tilly, Pupil at the Fairy Academy, happy but a bit Flaky 


Villager 1 – Villager 2 – Villager 3 – Villager 4 – Postal Worker 

 Peter – Pan – Jack (Of beanstalk fame) – Jack’s cow – Snow White – Hansel & Gretel – 

Magic Mirror (Voice over) – Fairy Cake – Fairy Lights – Fairy Liquid – Ghost 


People of Pantoland –  Students of the Fairy Academy – Mouldywart’s Ghosts, Ghouls and guards.



Prologue Front of Cloth and partial stage ( for fountain ) 

Scene 1 Pantoland Market Square Full stage 

Scene 2 A Country Lane (Front Cloth) & full stage then front cloth 

Scene 3 Pantoland Market Square Full stage 

Scene 4 A Country Lane (Front Cloth) 

Scene 5 The Fairy Academy Full Stage 


Scene 1 Mouldywart’s Castle Full stage and ending up front of cloth 

Scene 2 Mouldywart’s Castle Dungeons Full stage ends front of cloth 

Scene 3 Pantoland Market Square Full stage 

Scene 4 Song Sheet (Front Cloth) 

Scene 5 Finale

Principal and Ensemble Audition songs

For the auditions, the songs will be the original arrangements, so please feel free to find them on your preferred streaming service to practice before the auditions.

Mouldwart – Somebody to Love by  Basstrologe

King Charming – Ooh Ooh Child by The Five Stairsteps

Willy – This is a new song so will only be available at the audition workshops

Tommy – Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves

Tilly & Flaky Pastry (Duet) Part of Me by Katy Perry

Adult and child ensemble song is Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves and this will be taught with basic choreography during the audition workshops

Show synopsis and reminder of audition workshop/audition dates and times

Once Upon A Time in Pantoland

Wellington Pantomime Group is proud to announce they will be performing a brand new pantomime, titled Once Upon a Time in Pantoland in January 2023. 

This bright and funny new production comes hot on the heels of their last success, Treasure Island and the creative Team behind this one – Director Steph Colman, Choreographer Holly Knowles, Vocal Coach Kiera Chard, Musical Director Joe Beckhelling and Production co-ordinator Pete Watts are all raring to go for this roller-coaster of a pantomime.

The story so far – Pantoland, where all your favourite pantomime characters live in peace – Peter Pan, Snow White, Jack (and his beanstalk) Hansel and Gretel, King Charming to name a few, watched over by the Spirit of Pantomime all live happily together.

But wait, the Wicked Witch Mouldywart, aided by her cat Snitch has plans to kidnap the Spirit of Pantomime and make the whole land unhappy. 

Can Tallulah Tickle with son Tommy and daughter Tilly, thwart the evil plans of Mouldywart and save the day along with PC Peter Potter and his trusty dog Baxter, and with the help of Charming Prince Willy (who loves Tilly and will do anything to save her). 

Featuring all your pantomime favourites – Dame, link person, evil witch, good fairy and fairy godmother, Prince charming, a King, bumbling police officers, a cat, a dog and panto cow, plus Postman ‘Pat’, villagers/ensemble, students of the Fairy Academy, ghosts, ghouls and henchmen plus more. 

Launch night and first audition workshop – Tuesday 7th June 7.30pm, 

Second Audition workshop – Friday 10th June – 7.30pm 

Main Auditions – Sunday 12th June, 10am – 3pm – specific times TBA.

All the above at Wellington Arts Centre, Eight Acre Lane, Wellington, TA21 8PS

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To confirm your attendance please email – wellypanto2023@gmail.com

Please let us know which of the audition workshops you will be attending and confirm you will be able to attend the auditions on Sunday. 

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Rob Spurway Wellington Pantomime Group May 13, 2022 4 Comments

Wellington Pantomime Group is proud to announce they will be performing a brand new pantomime, titled Once Upon a Time in Pantoland in January 2023.

Launch night and first audition workshop – Tuesday 7th June 7.30pm

Second Audition workshop – Friday 10th June – 7.30pm

Main Auditions – Sunday 12th June, 10am – 3pm – specific times TBA.

All the above at Wellington Arts Centre, Eight Acre Lane, Wellington, TA21 8PS

To register your interest and for an audition pack, please email: wellypanto2023@gmail.com

WAA Photo Gallery!

Over the years we have taken lots of photos to remember shows and we have now collated over 12,000 photos from over 110 shows into our online Photo Gallery for everyone to see. We intend to continue to add new photos from shows as they happen.

The Photo Gallery is available from the top menu on our website. We hope you enjoy taking a trip down memory lane!

There are photos all the way back to the 90’s and, since 2007, we have been lucky enough to have Andy Jones from Shooting Pixels take professional photos of our shows for us (and he does this completely free!). We are incredibly grateful to have such a talented photographer give up his time. Thanks Andy.

If you have any photos from previous shows that aren’t listed here, please do get in touch using the Contact Us section of the website… we’d love to add more photos to help archive the past.

What’s On January – April 2022


Event Location Date/Time Contact Notes
Acoustic Music Club M Sat 15th Jan, 7.30pm acousticclub@w-a-a.co.uk  
“Treasure Island” – our 2022 pantomime W Tues 25th – Sun 30th January panto@w-a-a.co.uk  


Event Location Date/Time Contact Notes
Acoustic Music Club M Sat 17th Feb, 7.30pm acousticclub@w-a-a.co.uk 


Event Location Date/Time Contact Notes
“Top Team Quiz” – our annual quiz evening A Sat 12th March, 7pm Simon Spalding
Acoustic Music Club M Sat 19th March, 7.30pm acousticclub@w-a-a.co.uk 


Event Location Date/Time Contact Notes
“ENG-ER-LAND” – Hannah Kumari. Take Art! A Sat 2nd April, 7pm events@w-a-a.co.uk https://thisweeklondon.com/article/hannah-kumari-eng-er-land/
Acoustic Music Club M Sat 16th March, 7.30pm acousticclub@w-a-a.co.uk 
Our House – The Musical W Wed 27th – Sat 30th April opsoc@w-a-a.co.uk


A= Arts Centre, main hall

M = Arts Centre, multi-function room

W = Wellesley, Theatre

Pantomime Group ready to begin Treasure Hunt!

Rob Spurway Wellington Pantomime Group August 14, 2021 Leave a reply

The committee and the creative team would like to thank all that auditioned, I loved seeing lots of new faces as well as regular cast members. I know, with the talent involved, we can put on the show that Wellington deserves to see after an enforced absence! We look forward to sharing our journey through this blog to the stage!

Kirk Shepherd, Director

The cast is as follows:

Mrs Hawkins/Dame Ian Jones

Jim Hawkins Kiera Chard

Squire Trelawney Rev Andrew Norris

Jenny Trelawney Lizzie Harvey

Seadog Sam Annalise Houghton

Seaweed Willy Shane Mace

Ben Gunn/Billy Bones Pete Meredith

Long John Silver TBC

Blood Boiler Chris Barrett

Gizzard Slitter Jeremy Secret

The Fridge Pete Watts

Polly Bridgette Sells

Mrs Henderson Steph Colman

Mrs Snook Georgina Legg

Mrs Battersby Penny Bradnum

Miss Normington Mary Lewis

Additional WI Members:

Caz Redstone, Mischa Veysey-Milton, Keira Lissaman 

and Lona Marie Jones 

Senior Dancers

Harry Taylor

Lily Raine Fuller

Flick Rickard 

Maddy Bouchta

Junior Chorus

Ruby Hitchcott

Amy Colman

Morwenna Fuller

Evie Warwick 

Emily Sellick

James Redstone

Lois Redstone 

Harriet Groves

Darcey Jones

Robin Hill

Aniya Troake

Sally Forster-Touray

Pantomime 2022 Auditions

Andrew Samuel Wellington Pantomime Group June 8, 2021 6 Comments

Wellington Panto 2022 will be the first opportunity to get back on stage at the Wellesley since Covid!

We’re delighted to provide you with the audition materials attached below, please contact treasureisland@w-a-a.co.uk to register your interest in auditioning.

Auditions will be held on Sunday 8th August 2021 at 9:30am.

You do not have to specify what you’re auditioning for, only what age you will be on the first of September (if under 18 at that time).

As for the show, Treasure Island is a fun, fast paced script with lots of parts for our cast to shine! With a new creative team we hope to produce a lively and entertaining pantomime worthy of the WAA’s return to the Wellesley.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us through email or social media… or even if you spot Kirk, Holly, Bridgette, Dawn or Ian walking down the street!

We look forward to seeing everyone at auditions and proving that The Wellington Pantomime Group is one of the things that make Wellington great!

Audition Materials

X marks the spot for Panto Group in 2022

Rob Spurway Wellington Pantomime Group May 4, 2021 1 Comment

This year I have been chosen to direct Wellington Pantomime Group’s 2022 production. Well, it was meant to be 2021, but the less said about that the better.

Treasure island, a Robert Louis Stevenson tale, makes no reference to pantomime dames or talking parrots. The story is a lesser well known Pantomime story, however, the story of Long John Silver is famous the world over. The script the committee have agreed to stage is by Ben Crocker, an award winning pantomime script writer, which has 16 principal parts and 7 smaller cameo roles. The show has the potential to have a large chorus.

The story, without giving too much away, involves the aforementioned Pirate villain but pitches him against the ‘Smugglers Cove Women’s Institute’! What I like about this script is it’s pace and stageability, lots of quick scenes with plenty going on for the cast and audience. While this will be my first pantomime as director, I’ve been involved in pantomime in one form or another for the last 10 years! I absolutely love the genre because it engages the whole family by telling fun and engaging stories.

We will be announcing our audition process shortly. To get a feel for the show, please email me for more information, including script excerpts and a cast.

Kirk J Shepherd